Changing The World One Relationship At A Time

We all need a reminder to keep going. Everyone starts something for a reason. Wanting to lose weight. Getting a better job. Advanced degrees. Earn a scholarship. Become famous in a certain field. But every now and then, we get side tracked by life and it derails us from our destination. This is normal. But when we get derailed we can lose focus of our original goal and our vision can be clouded.

Last year I went through a divorce and to be honest, it was a very difficult time for me. When I decided to get married, it was because I found someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and build a family with. And we started doing just that. We moved to an unfamiliar state and started building a foundation. Then we decided to have a child, moved to our hometown city right before our daughter was born (never do that), and then two years later we had another child. Things seemed like they were going great. But somewhere in the middle of all of that, things started shifting and the end result was the two of us no longer being married.

To some people, divorce is such a devastating blow that they don’t figure out how to recover and end up in a worse state of being than before. To others, it is just part of the process of life; things that are out of our control but serve a purpose in God’s ultimate plan. It’s not our job to know God’s plan. It’s our job to remember why we started. I got married so I could build a legacy for my family. To provide a better life for my children, like my parents did for me. So that God could use me to show other people that you don’t have to settle for the status quo. So that the young people I work with can see what it is like to live the way God intended our lives to be; a never-ending journey filled with mountains and valleys, but a life that is full, more than we ever dreamed of.

Again, whatever your situation may be, it’s our job to remember why you started. Maybe it’s to build a legacy, to make a difference, to change the generational trajectory of your family, to earn a spot in a higher position of employment, or to just provide a better life for your family. Once you remember the reason you started, then use that as the fuel you need to keep going until you reach your goal.