Welcome 2 The Jungle Assessment

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Welcome 2 The Jungle Assessment


What’s Included:

  • 4 Animals Assessment for You ($59 Value)

  • A Scheduled 30-min follow up video one on one consultation ($297) Value

  • Customized 22-pg eBook based on YOUR ANIMAL ($47 Value)

  • 4 Ways Others See You (without even asking them) PRICELESS

  • 5+ Ways to Be More Effective (customized to You) PRICELESS

  • 7+ Personalized Insights to HELP YOU be MORE DYNAMIC!

  • 8+ Ways to Create the Ideal Work Environment for Yourself

  • 10 Expert Communication Strategies to embrace or avoid!

Find Out Your Animal Now!

Ever heard these things? Maybe someone said you're too social, or you're too much of a perfectionist! Well, why don't you find out EXACTLY how you lead, communicate and influence with THE MOST ACCURATE ASSESSMENT you've ever taken! I call it the 4 Animals. 

There are 4 Animals that run any workplace: a gorilla, a flamingo, a chameleon, and a turtle! It's true. And each of them does things differently!

What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works? What if you knew that your over-bearing personality can be used as a strength? Or the fact that you're indecisive means you're adaptable?

This assessment will only take you less than 15 minutes to complete but will unlock a lifetime of traits that will show you how to influence your team, your boss, and your significant other in a whole new way! Invest in your influence today!

After you purchase, you will receive:

1. one (1) electronic assessment link via email that is unique to your email address;

2. one full 22-pg Assessment Report;

3. one (1) 30-min. consultation to explain how to use the results;